The Pythian- Living History

The Pythian is more than just a historic building–
it’s a living testament to New Orleans and a vision for our shared future.

Today, The Pythian is a stylishly renovated mixed-use building that blends amenity-rich downtown living with a suite of businesses offering food, nightlife, health & wellness, music, and more. Beautiful and welcoming, The Pythian welcomes New Orleanians across a range of incomes. We celebrate the rich heritage, culture, and lifestyle of the Crescent City – while adding our own inspiring chapter.

Listen to the Legacy of the Pythian

We invite you home to the Pythian: Uniquely New Orleans

The building has an extraordinary historical legacy. From its construction by the Colored Knights of Pythias under the leadership of Smith W. Green in 1909, to its use as a headquarters by Andrew Jackson Higgins, whom President Eisenhower called “the man who won the war,” the Pythian building has been integral to civil and human rights for over 100 years. It was seminal in the development of Jazz, and was likely the first place that a 12-year old Louis Armstrong ever performed publicly. “The Tramps” rechristened themselves as the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club after seeing a vaudeville performance at the Pythian Theater called “There Never Was and Never Will Be a King Like Me,” about the Zulu Tribe. For two generations, the building stood as a monument to what is possible in the face of institutionalized oppression during the Jim Crow era. Now we are writing a new history. Come join us.


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